Video Spotlight: NEW adhesive pouch offers multiple advantages

Revolutionary packaging system is a smart alternative to traditional pails

Titebond adhesive pouches revolutionize the way installers use flooring adhesives. Flooring installers now have an alternative option to the shortcomings of traditional pails and lids.

The adhesive pouch is ideal for small jobs, but can also help to simplify large installations. The innovative packaging speeds up installations with less mess and offers fresher product for easy handling.

Faster, Easier Installation!

  • Easier handling packaging on the jobsite – less weight to move
  • Allows for faster and simpler flooring installation
  • Higher product yield – less waste
  • Less mess
  • Improved product shelf life
  • Recyclable packaging – quick and easy disposal with less environmental concerns
  • 3 Easy Steps! Set, Snip, Spread

3 Easy Steps with our new pouch packaging